About us

Mecanik records is a small label founded in 2014 by music producer Mario Reijnen. He started the label as an outlet for some of his music which he could not define as the other tracks he makes.

It’s focussed on a dark, industrial techno sound with often references to oldskool gabber, or rave. During time people around hooked up with the label and now we work in a small collective of artists, designers and promotors direct from Nimma techno city. In that form we continue to set our mark on industrial techno straight forward. 

We distribute worldwide and have chosen to release digital only in first case. Our releases drop when they come. There’s no concrete plan, only taste, friends, love and the music.

Since our landing we’ve released several singles and EP’s and the music is played worldwide by artists such as DJ Rush, Ellen Aliën, Jeane Isadou, Jan Liefhebber, Kracht, Silen, Developer and Marticos Hell, Miss Behaviour,  Project Paradox, to name a few amongst others.


Team Mecanik Records

Mario Reijnen – Producer, A&R,
Suzanne Marije Cornelissen – Design,
José Kivits – Photography and artwork