Unmute us!

After getting promise after promise and then getting these promises canceled at last moments (like the Dutcies say: “Een worst voor de neus houden”) for re-opening the event industry in the Netherlands we are now gonna make a big stand against the ignoring attitude from the Dutch government towards the industry.

The event industry is getting hit after hit during the covid timeframe. Closed as one of the first industries, and after all promises (see the news facts) as last still not re-opened. Also how decisions regarding the industry are made, like switching on, and off as it is a light or something is destructive. People lose their jobs, get hired again, lose their jobs, get hired again. Events were built after the green lights and needed to cancel all efforts after the following red lights.

Although we do not organise events, we stand 100% behind the Unmute Us actions to stand for the rights of the event industry and we support them fully by their actions against the government. Our artists perform on their stages, our music is getting played on their events and listeners of our music are dancing on their events. Besides that, we all take it with our hearts too. It is unreal what is happening to this beautiful industry right now. We should embrace this event industry as something we can be proud of. It has taken years and decades of workforce, knowledge and expertise investing in it. Continue professionalising, development, hard work to make it better and better to what it is today. Most of us visit the events gathering with like minded people by a lifestyle, interest, and life celebration as part of most of a hard working and busy life. This industry is bleeding hard, real, real, real hard at this moment. So we want to ask everyone; public, visitors, participants, studio musicians, producers, dj’s, live acts, stage managers, stage hands, light technicians, sound technicians, food suppliers, drink suppliers, bar workers, security workers, to join the protest march on saturday the 21 of august.

The marches are in the cities Amsterdam, Groningen, Nijmegen, Utrecht and Rotterdam.

Come and join and let’s make a stand together against the injustice behaviour of our government towards this beautiful industry, that is realising the worlds where a lot of people find each other, new loves and lifes are born, new music and interests are discovered and all more that is part of a celebration of life!

We can not take this any longer.

Enough, is enough!